Monday, July 12, 2010

The Aftermath


When I started this blog (with a few "how to" tips from my sister) more than a year ago, I was just about to embark on a new adventure with my teenage daughter, Brittney. She would be starting her senior year in high school, and I had been offered a job in Corpus Christi, TX...we had both been through a lot over the previous two years, and starting fresh in a place where the sun usually shines and the beach is out your back door sounded promising. I think when I titled this blog just a month before we made the move to Corpus Christi, I more or less WISHED to be on solid ground, and was determined to move forward from the circumstances that had shaken our lives in the recent past. I remember during this period of time feeling so determined, so faithful that God had a plan, and that plan would get us through anything...

I think if someone would have asked if there was anything that could knock me back down at that point, the only thing that I could have responded with would have been "only losing my daughter." On November 8th at 1:24 AM Corpus Christi time, God took my beautiful Brittney home. It was a car was one block from our home...her last words to me that night when she left were, "I love you mom."

As I stumbled back onto this blog, it was surreal. My daughter has been gone for months now, but through the grace of God, her spirit has not left my side for a minute. I would have been wrong about getting knocked down because God wouldn't have allowed it. As painful as it is at times...this is the plan~ and I am still on SOLID GROUND