Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smile Challenge :)

I found this graphic on another grieving parent's page under the caption The Smile Challenge, and identified with it immediately. I can't help but smile when I think of all the wonderful memories I have of Brittney's 17 years here. While the "here" part has ended for her and remains to play out for me, I know that the "there" part, when my time has arrived, will begin with the most awesome reunion!


  1. Traci I've been following your blog for a couple months and feel your hurt as I read. Traci I'd like a comment from you just so I know that you are aware that I'm here.
    Bye and much love Aunt Betty

  2. Hi Aunt Betty! It just warmed my heart when I saw your first comment and discovered you were here. And the same with Terry Beaudry... I am still so new at this that I wasn't sure how to get two-way conversation going, but I hope you see this and know that all your prayers and thoughts are felt and so appreciated! All my love :)

  3. Thanks Traci, it's so good to see your comment and I will clue Terry in so she will read it too. If you'd like to look in on Terry's blog you can do so by clicking onto her picture. You know she became a follower. It's new to me also, I started when Terry first did her blog but I've found it so much fun and very informative at times.I don't have a blog (yet.) I happened to see you in Teri's blog and that's how I started to follow you. You have moved me to tears each time I read you. I gave your link to a niece on Arnold's side a couple weeks ago and told her about you. She's about your age and has one child, a daughter, so I've not asked her if she read it yet. Bye, lots of love, Aunt betty