Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things that make me smile...

1. (12 years old) Brittney gave me a coupon for mother's day that was redeemable for two free mopings of the kitchen floor. She meant "moppings" but her dad and I always teased her when she would get into a mood that she was making good on one of those "mopings"
2. (4-8 years old) Butterfly kisses (eyelashes batted on each other's cheeks) and eskimo kisses (rubbing noses) every night before bed.
3. (3 years old) We had just moved into a new house and had very little in the refrigerator. While I was in the bathroom, the two neighbor dogs came to visit. Britt opened the door and determined they were hungry. She fed them each a cube of butter.
4. (4th grade) Girl's Night Out...every Wednesday, Britt and I went to a local restaurant with high backed booths and had appetizers and home-made root beer while she spread her homework across the table and we worked on it together for hours.
5. (teenage years) Listed under "heroes" on her MySpace page, Brittney wrote, "my mom...that's all"
6. (always) Her love for little kids
7. (always) She would make the sign of the cross every time she saw an animal dead along the road.
8 (always) Her zest for life...she lived it a hundred miles an hour, like she knew hers would be short.

9. (always) That she said " you mom" on a regular basis from the time she could talk to the day she passed away.

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