Monday, May 13, 2013

No Grief Hangover~

Approaching Mother's Day can feel something like tip-toeing through an obstacle course with land mines scattered strategically throughout.  You can hit it running in the hopes of "beating the odds" with a swift pace; or you can tread slowly and carefully, analyzing every step of the way in an attempt at prolonging your safety in the event of the dreaded misstep, followed by the inevitable explosion of emotion.  This year, I made it! I finally accept that the absence of my own child from my side does not remove my "Mother-ness." God gave me a beautiful and amazing child for a short time.  When he took her home, what remained within me was a lifetime of a mother's unlimited capacity to love.  Brittney's amazing circle of friends will faithfully remind me what she, and in turn I, brought to their lives.  It is an amazing truth that they never allow me to forget on Mother's Day, or any other day.  It brings such a sense of peace to wake up mornings after significant events of remembrance WITHOUT that grief hangover that followed me around like a lost puppy just two short years ago. I am thankfully in awe of how blessed my life has become through such a senseless tragedy.

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